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Prince Harry is also known to be an avid fan of the sport

The Princess of Wales wishes for Prince Louis to avoid certain behaviours.

The youngest child of the Wales family is recognized for his mischievous conduct, lively gestures, and animated expressions during formal occasions. 

Moreover, it appears that he maintains his enthusiasm in his personal life, away from public view. 

While attending a training session with the England Rugby team before their inaugural Six Nations tournament match in 2022, Princess Kate disclosed that her youngest son thoroughly enjoys engaging in the sport. 

However, she expressed concern that his approach may be overly aggressive.

“They’re all enjoying it,” she said, when asked if any of her children enjoyed rugby. “Louis is kamikaze,” she added, referring to his style of playing. “We’re worrying about when he gets older, he’ll be in the middle of everything.”

More recently, during a meeting with England’s Wheelchair Rugby League squad in October, she revealed, “Louis is mad about rugby. They are at an age where they just love running around.”

Prince Harry is also known to be an avid fan of the sport. In his memoir Spare, the Duke spoke about his love for rugby, admitting that it “captured his heart”. He wrote: “I played [all] sport, though rugby captured my heart. [It’s a] beautiful game, plus a good excuse to run into stuff very hard.”

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