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One should be very careful before it takes a serious form.

One should be very careful before it takes a serious form.

Blood clotting simply means accumulation of blood at one place in the body.

Unhealthy lifestyle and bad eating habits affect our bodies in various ways. There are many such serious problems that are caused by an unhealthy lifestyle. The accumulation of blood clots in the body is also one of these problems. Blood clotting generally means the collection of blood at one location in the body. This can lead to major health issues. One should be very careful before it takes a serious form. One should identify the symptoms initially and prevent them.

Today, let’s take a look at how to identify the symptoms of blood clotting and how to treat it. According to a report from the Cleveland Clinic, blood clotting in the body is beneficial for health in a way. But it is also fatal in another way.

A blood clot stops extra blood from leaving the body, following a cut or wound. The formation of a blood clot in the body might be harmful. It is very important to get a timely diagnosis.

Symptoms of a blood clot:

There are many signs of blood-clot formation in the body. When blood clots form in the body, symptoms such as sweating, anxiety, weakness, frequent numbness in the hands and legs, dizziness, obesity, menopause, and shortness of breath may occur.

How to prevent blood clots:

According to reports, if there are signs of blood clotting, foods rich in vitamin K should be included in the diet. Actually, vitamin K works in two ways. One does not allow blood to clot inside the body, and it also does not allow blood to flow outside the body.

According to Dr Sarvesh Kumar of Government Ayurveda College and Hospital in Lucknow, garlic contains allicin and azoin components, which help to avoid blood clotting. To do this, peel and crush the garlic cloves. Then add one spoonful of honey to a cup of water and boil it. When it cools down, take it out in a cup and drink it.

In cases of blood clot formation in the body, turmeric can also be consumed by adding it to milk. According to health experts, the antioxidants included in turmeric protect the body against a variety of diseases. Also, turmeric contains some elements that thin the blood. As a result, drinking it can help prevent blood clots.

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