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Jason Griffith voiced Shadow for ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ for three years

Keanu Reeves is stepping into some speedy shoes as he gears up to lend his voice to Shadow in Sonic the Hedgehog 3, taking over from Jason Griffith, who voiced the character for three years.

Reacting to the news of the John Wick star joining the upcoming Paramount sequel, Griffith shared his thoughts with TMZ, as reported on Sunday, April 21.

“It’s a great choice,” Griffith, known for his vocal talent in the Sonic X TV series and Shadow the Hedgehog video games, expressed.

“Shadow is now being voiced by Ted Theodore Logan, John Wick, and Neo, so I think that’s a pretty good company to keep,” he continued, “I think it’s an excellent casting choice, myself.”

The 43-year-old actor also revealed that he had been hoping for Reeves, 59, to nab the role, even when rumours were swirling about potential actors for the part.

“In fact, when there were rumours about Keanu and several other actors, and people would ask me who did I think it would be if it weren’t me, I said, ‘I hope it’s Keanu,'” he admitted.

Sharing the character with The Matrix star, Griffith deemed it “such an honour.”

Although he wasn’t asked to voice the character this time around, Griffith sees it as a reward to have previously voiced the beloved character.

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