King Charles issued new health warning ahead of major event
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King Charles issued new health warning
King Charles issued new health warning 

King Charles III, who prepares to step up his royal agenda, has been issued new health warming as he’s not stopping himself from keeping busy in royal engagements.

The 75-year-old monarch’s show of intent with his commitment and devotion to royal duties has been explained by royal author Angela Levin.

Levin claimed the monarch is keen to honour his mother’s legacy by attending Trooping the Colour and Royal Ascot, but is fearful about the possible health implications as he continues to fight cancer.

“The King has outlined that he’s going to step up his business commitments. Royal Ascot is part of that. Trooping the Colour is three days before then. He wants to do that to show his gratitude to the Queen. She’ll have lots of her horses running and he wants to be there,” Levin told GB News.

She expressed her concern about King Charles’s health by revealing the monarch’s next steps, saying: “But I just hope that he’s not pushing himself too far too quickly. There’s loads of people there. You hear all these stories of people coming back with all these germs. I just hope he doesn’t push himself.”

Levin went on: “I think they feel they need to say when he’s sort of coming back or they say they hope he’s coming back so people don’t get too anxious again. That’s why he’s in a car, going back and forth to London, where he could take a helicopter so he can wave at lots of people so they know he’s still there.”

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