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Prince Harry running out of options as US visa case progresses

Prince Harry has found himself in a difficult spot as his drug admission has cost him with a big dilemma.

The Duke of Sussex’s US visa application, which is currently under review by a federal judge in the case filed by The Heritage Foundation, has not left him with many options as a chance of deportation lingers.

With the case close to deciding whether Harry lied on his visa application, royal commentator Jennie Bond believes that any outcome on this case will turn out to be “embarrassing” for King Charles’ younger son.

“This is a sticky situation for Harry to find himself in,” Bond explained to OK! Magazine. “There seem to be only three possible conclusions: he lied in his visa application, he lied in his book, or he has been made a special case by the American authorities.”

She continued, “All of this signal an embarrassing outcome for Harry.”

Bond further added that there will eventually be a way Prince Harry will find to “preserve his reputation and his visa, but he does seem to have boxed himself into a tight corner.”

Prince Harry admitted to using recreational and psychedelic drugs in his bombshell memoir, Spare.

Bond believes that given the prevalence of drugs, she won’t be surprised if Harry lied on his application.

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