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Scarlett Johansson claimed that she was harassed by a fan for over a year

Scarlett Johansson’s plea for protection was dismissed by the Superior Court of California, following her battle against an obsessive fan.

The famous actress alleged that she had been harassed by the obsessed fan for over a year.

In addition, she also revealed that they claimed to be a father to one of her two children.

Meanwhile, the court was forced to dismiss Johansson’s restraining order, explaining that the said papers had not reached the actress’ obsessed fan in the first place.

The Black Widow alum’s attorney Michael Goldstein admitted that he had been unable to “serve the culprit.”

The Under the Skin star filed for petition back in November 2023, explaining that the actress along with her family, needed protection from a man named Michael Joseph Branham.

She stressed that the fan had been on a mission to harass her since August 2022, following Johansson’s neighbor believing it was the actress herself.

The incident traumatized the actress, causing concern over her safety.

Addressing the situation, she emphasized: “Respondent’s ongoing and escalating pattern of harassment combined with his determination and ability to travel has created heightened safety concerns given several upcoming public events that I will be attending.”

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