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Prince Harry’s hopes for ‘reputational revival’ hinge on return to UK

Prince Harry has been urged to maintain a close relationship with royal family in a bid for success for his charity venture, The Invictus Games.

The Duke of Sussex is set to return to the UK next month to attend St. Paul’s Cathedral service in honour of 10th anniversary of the games in London.

Speaking to the Daily Express, PR expert Edward Coram-James said, “Harry has a clear path to reputational revival. From a PR point of view, you don’t cut ties with your lifeline.”

He explained: “Assuming that the Duke has read the tealeaves and has the objectivity and discipline to perform a sustaining pivot rooted in an enduring commitment to causes like Invictus, then I do believe that his popularity will increase markedly in the years ahead.”

The expert also reflected on the possibility of The Invictus Games continuing without the royal as its representative.

“It’s one of the few remaining areas in which Harry is viewed favourably by the public,” Edward claimed, adding: “However, in many ways the event has outgrown its founder. Invictus no longer relies on Harry for media attention.” 

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