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Whenever someone mentions the word ‘kulfi’, it instantly makes us nostalgic. It’s a dessert that we’ve all grown up eating and have fond memories of. Whether during lunch break in school or in the evenings from the vendor roaming around in your neighbourhood, our love for kulfi has no bounds. Even today, we find comfort in indulging in one, especially during the summer season. There are many people who prefer to make it at home instead of buying it from the market. However, the results may not always be satisfactory. Your kulfi may not be firm enough or may lack the creamy texture you desire. If you’re planning to make kulfi anytime soon, here are some mistakes you must watch out for:
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Kulfi Recipe | Here Are 5 Mistakes To Avoid While Making Kulfi At Home:

1.Not using the right type of milk

The type of milk you use to make your kulfi makes a huge difference. Since it is the key ingredient, there’s no way you can compromise on it. If you want your kulfi to turn out perfectly, you must use milk with a high fat content. This will ensure that it is rich in flavour and perfectly creamy, making it more indulgent. 

2. You overcook the milk

Making the perfect kulfi also involves cooking the milk just right. Always cook it over a low-medium flame to maintain better control. The goal is to simmer it until it reaches a boil. If you continue simmering it for a long time, the milk will naturally overcook, which can have a drastic impact on its texture. If you use this overcooked milk, your kulfi will have a grainy texture.

3. Not being generous with the flavourings

The most exciting part about making kulfi is the flavourings. After all, they are what make it taste more divine. So, you must be as generous as you can here. If you compromise or hesitate, your kulfi won’t be as flavourful. It’ll certainly taste good, but lack that element of the ones you get at ice cream shops. Pistachios, almonds, kesar strands are some that you must consider adding.

4. Using incorrect mould size

Once you’ve prepared the kulfi, it needs to be poured into moulds. However, many people end up using the incorrect mould size. Ensure that the moulds that you are using are large enough to accommodate all your kulfi mixture. Never overfill them and always leave some room at the top to prevent creating a mess in the freezer.
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5. Not being mindful of freezing time

You must also be mindful of how much time you let your kulfi freeze. Kulfi should freeze only until its firm enough. This would take you anywhere between 5 to 6 hours. If you leave it for longer, there is a high chance it’ll become too hard and even develop ice flakes on top. And this is something we want to avoid at all costs. On the other hand, don’t freeze it for less time as well, or it’ll be to soft and melt quickly.

With our easy tips, you’ll be able to whip up perfectly creamy kulfi in the comfort of your kitchen.

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