“Like Seriously!”: Vodka Aloo Paratha Sends The Internet Into A Tizzy
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Paratha is one dish that has a special place in every Indian’s heart. Agreed? Our favourite is aloo paratha! The experience of enjoying the stuffed bread reaches a whole new level when it is prepared in ghee and served along with curd or pickle. But have you heard of vodka paratha? Well, the next chapter in the bizarre food experiments has brought forth a “vodka aloo paratha”. The now-viral clip was shared by stand-up comedian Rahul Dua, wherein he can be seen reacting to a woman preparing the combo. The clip begins with the woman kneading the dough, using vodka instead of water. Listening to this, Rahul says, “Lagta hai Bangalore ki video hai. Water shortage chal rahi hai to improvise karrahe hain. [It seems the clip is from Bangalore. As they are facing water shortage, they appear to be improvising like this].”

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Once the dough was ready, the woman can be seen stuffing it with the aloo mixture. After rolling it flat, the woman cooks it like the classic aloo paratha but in the end, pours the remaining vodka onto the hot tawa. Next up, the clip showed her reviewing the vodka aloo paratha. Right after a bite, she can be heard saying that her head started to spin. Sharing the clip, Rahul Dua wrote, “Vodka wale aloo paranthe? Like, for real? Is fusion ka koi fuse uda do isse pehle mera ude! (Please someone ban this fusion before it blows off my mind).”

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Needless to say, this foodie experiment didn’t go very well with the internet. Innumerable users wondered what was the necessity to come up with such a bizarre combo. A comment read, “But why?”

A user asked, “Bhai. Itna confidence kaha se late hai yeh log? Like seriously. [From where do they get this much confidence]?”

Another joked, “Vodka main aloo, aloo main vodka. Alag hi inception chal raha hai yaha. [Potato in vodka, vodka in potato. It’s next level inception].”

Some said this foodie experiment is a scene from a film, as a comment read, “This was a Funny scene of a Bollywood movie, she took this project seriously.”

A few pointed out that the woman used green apple-flavoured vodka. A comment read, “BTW kisi ne check kiya vodka ka flavour. Green apple vale vodke ke saath aaloo ka parantha. Phal or sabzi dono ki bayizati ki. [Did anyone check the flavour of the vodka? It’s green apple vodka with aloo paratha. It’s like demeaning both fruit and vegetable.]”

Would you try making vodka aloo paratha at home? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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